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CK questions course were so perfect and almost covered everything. that course was a good challenge as a study tool and more as a review.

Saber Atar

I'm currently taking step 1 practicing questions. Excellentttttttttt lessons and service, everyday I get new information and chanllenge with questions I never heard before.

Julia Barabash

After a friend took cs course with usmle extract and I saw how his performance improved a lot, I decided to do so as well. The information I got was very valuable and helped me a lot during the exam. Waiting for my result.

Chung Ae Su

I'm so impressed with this service. I took the intensive course before 6 days of my exam. It really saved me and passed the exam with high performance, I would have failed the exam without this course. Thank you very much for all efforts.


I post this after my exam result. Thank you very much, the intensive course was very informative. I recommend usmlextract, those people will do their best to help you out. I'm from South Africa and never had problem with the schedule as they considered my time zone.

Ashely Jr.

Thumbs up for the boost course, useful cases and information in 4 hours for 50 bucks only, wow!!


I tried the patient note correction fact very beneficial tool and the correction was precise.


Very professional and knowledgeable people, excellent customer service. At one point I found myself lost in the preparation for one of the usmle exams, I talked to them and they put me in the right track to achieve my goal. Thank you so much!!!


Excellent help in your preparations for USMLE. They will find your weaknesses and strengthen them with her unique individualized approach, these guys will work with your schedule and try to fit the best and time efficient! Don't think, call them now!


Hi all. I would like to post my experience with usmlextract. They helped me to pass my cs and saved me another attempt. English is not my first tongue, they totally understood me, and helped me speak right professional English in the exam, not to mention patient note useful tips. They were so generous with their time and efforts, tried so hard to fit my time table. I can`t thank you enough.

Ashouk K

I took cs classes with USMLE Extract and really worth it in the exam. Great service and scheduling despite I live in India.

Naiara Fraga

I would like to thank Usmle Extract for all the support during my preparation for the Step 2 CS. This was my second attempt and they did not only help me with the technical and medical knowledge, but also as friend helping me regain my self-confidence. I think everyone should study with Usmle Extract before testing! Thank you!