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Types of Dehydration

Isotonic dehydration

• Equal water and Na+ loss.
• Most common type of dehydration.

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Sarcoidosis Part 1

Sarcoidosis (from sarc meaning "flesh", -oid, "like", and -osis, "diseased or abnormal condition") Other names are sarcoidosis, Besnier-Boeck disease or Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease.

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Acrodermatitis Enteropathica

• It is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder affecting the uptake of zinc, characterized by periorificial (around the natural orifices) and acral (in the limbs) dermatitis, alopecia (loss of hair), and

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Chung Ae Su

I'm so impressed with this service. I took the intensive course before 6 days of my exam. It really saved me and passed the exam with high performance, I would have failed the exam without this course. Thank you very much for all efforts.


I post this after my exam result. Thank you very much, the intensive course was very informative. I recommend usmlextract, those people will do their best to help you out. I'm from South Africa and never had problem with the schedule as they considered my time zone.


I tried the patient note correction fact very beneficial tool and the correction was precise.

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USMLE Step 2/CS Comprehensive Course
1 - 2 hours will be presented a day.
All presented information will be based on the new format.

The course includes the following:
1. Practice, study and analyze all cases of "USMLE Step 2/CS First Aid" book.

2. Practice, study and analyze additional cases from our sophisticated cases poll. The number of cases provided will depend on the remaining time balance.

3. Correct 10 patient note. Choose any 10 cases from "USMLE Step 2/CS First Aid" book to type their patient note and submit them online for correction purpose through accessing our professional "Patient Note Practice Form". You will be provided with a link to access the form within 24 hours of your purchase. The link will expire after the submission of 10 forms or 30 days from the date of your purchase in case you did not submit the entire 10 forms.

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